донаты фроузенфуд уа

Frozenfood UA is the exclusive partner of the Belgian La Lorraine Bakery Group, the European leader in donuts production.

Donuts from La Lorraine will not leave you indifferent. Light, airy, glazed goodies are surprisingly tender, thanks to the unique technology, 20-30% less oil is used in production than in products of other manufacturers. The assortment is really wide – with and without filling, mini-rings and famous Berliners are available to order today. Frozenfood UA provides regular deliveries of La Lorraine donuts to shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants throughout Ukraine.

донаты фроузенфуд уа

донаты frozenfood ua

Considering today’s difficult realities, according to the request of our customers, we expanded the number of options for packaging, including in an individual package and branded box with the TM DONUT worry be HAPPY.